Cupcake selection

Just Vanilla

Sometimes just vanilla is good, and these 
are better than good.  Made from 100% pure bourbon vanilla extract derived from beans selected in the premium growing region of Madagascar, and topped with vanilla butter cream frosting, these simple but memorable cupcakes will satisfy both the purist and the adventurist

Chocolate Strawberry

​This is a rich chocolate cupcake made with real strawberry jam. Topped with a dollop of sweet strawberry cream cheese frosting, it is an unforgettable desert delight.

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Banana Chocolate

​A classic flavor pairing this cupcake is sweet and rich in just the right way. Made with real bananas it will remind you of home made banana bread and topped with a rich chocolate frosting made with melted semi sweet chocolate chips. Together they are a match made in little cake heaven.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Inspired by the classic Snickers®  bar, this unique cupcake, with an intense pea-nutty flavor, is topped with a sweet caramel butter-cream frosting richly enhancing its taste and texture. With a wonderful blend of moist cake and real peanut butter consistency, the baked in chocolate chips provide a delightful flavor blend that that always delights.



With just the right relation of sweet and tart, our classic vanilla cake topped with our lemon butter cream frosting is a refreshing treat that satisfies any sweet tooth.

Very Chocolate

Chocolate Lovers rejoice, we have the perfect little cake for you. This rich and smooth cake is not to sweet but just enough to bring out the decadent flavors. It is then topped with a unique chocolate butter cream made with melted chocolate to give it the best and most loved chocolate taste. Guaranteed to satisfy any chocolate craving.